Where Does the U.S. Rank Internationally in Early Childhood Education?

Where Does the U.S. Rank Internationally in Early Childhood Education?
November 23, 2016 No Comments Categories: OCPT
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Everyday Orange Children & Parents Together makes America a better to live, be educated, learn, and grow – and it’s critical work that we do. According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the United States ranks at an unimpressive 24th in terms of per-child spending on early childhood education. It’s no surprise why the U.S. ranks so low when nationally less than 1 percent of public investments in education and development are spent on children ages four and younger.  At Orange Children & Parents Together we know that 70% of American mothers are in the workforce and 43% of their children are low-income.  And because research proves that 85 percent of core brain structure forms by age four, we work every day to provide stimulating, high quality early childhood education that children will not receive in basic childcare environments.  Our focus on cognitive development prepares children four and younger to transition into kindergarten with observable skills in vocabulary, number sense, socialization, and personal health. Learn more about the legislative landscape of early childhood education since 1971 by reading the case for universal preschool here.

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