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Today’s Kids, Tomorrow’s Future

Today’s Kids, Tomorrow’s Future
November 23, 2016 No Comments Categories: Public Awareness
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Educating our youngest and most vulnerable citizens – children and babies, is a lot more than exposure to math, sciences, and literacy. High quality early childhood education, like the programs at OCPT, provide a foundation in academics and cognitive development, as well as the “soft skills” needed for a well rounded, skilled workforce. “Soft skills” such as creative thinking and problem solving, communication, teamwork, adaptability and time management, are the personal assets that the business community requires to sustain a healthy economy. OCPT’s community-based work for over 48 years is built upon scientific research proving that the development of human capital needs to start when the brain is developing the fastest and is at its most malleable—that is, right at the beginning of life. Access The Brookings Institution short video about the global impact of Early Childhood Education by clicking here. To enjoy further literature in support of Early Childhood Development please click here.

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