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It All Starts with Quality Education

It All Starts with Quality Education
November 23, 2016 No Comments Categories: Public Awareness
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Have you ever tried to build a house from the roof down? Of course not. To fortify a house, one needs to begin with a strong foundation. Building a strong personal future is like building a home, and the foundation for that future is education. Orange Children & Parents Together embraces current research and data that demonstrates the positive impacts of early childhood education for children, families, society, and the national economy. OCPT focuses on children from birth to five-years-old because 90% of brain development occurs during those formative years. Investing in children early increasing their likelihood for high school graduation and full-time employment, while decreasing the likelihood to receive public assistance or be incarcerated. As a society, everyone gains and grows by building better futures through early childhood education. Read more about recent gains in early childhood development here.

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