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Possible Positive Changes in California’s Early Education Approach

Possible Positive Changes in California’s Early Education Approach
November 23, 2016 No Comments Categories: Public Awareness
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Current research at Stanford University echoes what Orange Children & Parents Together already knows, that by the age of 2 years, a six-month gap in language proficiency exists between lower- and higher-income children. Our mission at Orange Children & Parents Together addresses the fact that childhood poverty is the No. 1 predictor for educational success and a healthy lifestyle later in life. California’s children are at a disadvantage. Ranking 24th among states in the nation, California has limited early childhood education programs for children aged 4-years-old. Not only are high quality education programs scarce in California, but 25% of all children in California are considered poor, and these vulnerable young citizens are the least prepared to enter the K-12 education system. State Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento, is ringing the alarm bells and has introduced The Kindergarten Readiness Act to extend current transitional kindergarten programs to include all 4 year olds in California. Steinberg envisions a further expansion of funds for 3-year-olds who are poor and English Language Learners. Steinberg’s bill echoes the call to action from California Governor Jerry Brown and President Obama. Read a current success story of early childhood education in action at a San Francisco Preschool here.

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