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Born Curious: Babies Love to Learn!

Born Curious: Babies Love to Learn!
November 23, 2016 No Comments Categories: Public Awareness
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When babies enter the world, everything is a learning opportunity. Every sight, sound, and stimuli provide experiences for growth and exploring. Orange Children & Parents Together educates children from birth to age 5 because we understand that these first five developmental years are essential in preparing children not just for kindergarten preparedness, but a lifetime of academic and personal success. Our kids come from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds, and without high quality early childhood education programs like ours, they are more likely to enter school without important developmental skills and fall well behind their peers come third grade. At OCPT, we build on the strength of our parents as their child’s primary educator. James Heckman, the Nobel Laureate in Economics, acknowledges parenting as being just as important as income in forming a child’s cognitive abilities and scholastic personality. OCPT serves the child and whole family through our educational and family support services because we know that quality parenting and parental involvement are also key factors for student success. Enjoy learning more about other successful preschool programs like ours here.

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