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Answer to a Skilled Workforce: Babies!

Answer to a Skilled Workforce: Babies!
November 23, 2016 No Comments Categories: Public Awareness
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By age three, children in low income homes have heard 30 million less words, on average, than children in more affluent homes. Naturally, these same children have a more difficult time being prepared for preschool, let alone kindergarten. By the time children from backgrounds with lesser resources enter third grade, they are well behind their peers developmentally. The antidote to this reality is quality early childhood education, such as Head Start and Early Head Start at Orange Children & Parents Together. The US Chamber of Commerce and prize winning economist James J. Heckman agree that a more educated infant and toddler population yield a more equipped student body, which in turn empowers the United States economy for a future skilled work force. Read more about California’s focused approach to Early Childhood Education here.

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